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When programs have been installed in a computer, the information contained in these programs is stored in the registry. The registry is that part of a computer system that initiates various computer processes and applications thus ensuring it functions accordingly. Sometimes, this registry may be difficult to navigate due to an error within its system and the performance of the computer becomes poor. Ccleaner is a program designed to clean unwanted files in the registry. This product by Priform also cleans invalid entries within the Windows Registry. With this cleaner, PC optimization is also possible as will be explained later. It is therefore most recommended for registry cleaning.

How to clean with CCleaner

First, you have to acquire the program online. Once you open it:

  • Identify the Registry icon which is normally positioned on the left and click on it.

  • If not, you can choose to directly identify the items you want to be scanned by clicking on “Registry Clean”. A list of checked items will be provided. It is also recommended to leave all the items in the list checked.

  • You then have to select “Scan for Issues” and the progress of the scan will be shown by a bar. Potential issues will also be displayed by a list.

  • Once CCleaner completes the scan, the listed issues can be reviewed (by advanced users) or saved. By Right-clicking at any point within the list, a dialogue box will appear, select “Save to text file”.

  • CCleaner can also skip an issue or more among those identified. Right-clicking on the issues gives a dialogue box and on it select; “Add to Exclude List”. One advantage of CCleaner is that you are able to review the excluded data whenever you want. This is by simply checking the Options pane for the section called Exclude.

  • Now you will be ready to fix your registry. Identify the item stating: “Fix Selected Issues”.

  • This will lead to a prompt asking you to back up your registry before proceeding. At this point it is recommended to do so by clicking “Yes”.

  • Save the backed up registry at a location of your choice. You will notice that the saved file will have “.REG” at the end of its name. 

  • The CCleaner will then display a registry problem along with a proposal of a solution.

  • You then have the following options to choose from:

§ To select “Fix All Selected Issues”, then “Ok” and “Close” the dialogue. This will fix all the listed issues. (most recommended option)

§ To select “Fix Issue”. Allows CCleaner to review an issue at a time and solve as proposed. You however to select “>>” in order to skip to the next issue.

§ To stop the cleaning by clicking “close”. In case you do this by mistake and wish to return to the cleaning, just select “Fix Selected Issues”.

These may seem as a long process but just remember the steps are simple and generally important for the functioning of the CCleaner.

Benefits of using CCleaner

Apart from cleaning your registry and ensuring optimization of your computer, going through the listed steps will have other benefits to your computer and its operations. The first benefit will be an improvement in the speed of your computer. This is because the unnecessary programs that were running without your knowledge since they operated in the background will be cleaned. Secondly, the registry utility, CCleaner prolongs the lifespan of your computer. This is because boot procedures and other important operations remain fast ensuring you keep using your computer without considering getting a replacement. Thirdly, getting an IT expert to keep checking on your machine can be costly and time-consuming. Through following the listed steps, you can install this free program and save the money and time. Finally, you have control over the programs in your computer when you use CCleaner. This is because it allows you to remove, save or back up the programs.


CCleaner is a free registry utility that ensures your computer remains efficient for various operations. It is the best program since it not only cleans the registry but also allows PC optimization. Its availability for free makes it easily accessible to all and helps one to save. CCleaner program also comes with a FAQ section that enables users to get answers to any questions that may arise. Troubleshooting the CCleaner is also possible by clicking on the "Troubleshooting" icon.

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